This Junior High School Girl’s Speech Captivates Participants in the Plastic Health Summit in the Netherlands

83 Views – ”Stop sending plastic waste to Indonesia. Please, help us to realize the ideals and future of a safe, clean, and healthy environment, free from plastic waste.”

That was the final part of Aeshnina Az-zahra Aqilani’s stunning speech, a student of SMPN 12 Wringinanom, Gresik, in front of hundreds of participants at the 2021 Plastic Health Summit in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Thursday (21/10).

After Nina—Aeshnina’s nickname—closed the English speech, academics and environmental activists from all over the world applauded. The whole room of the Amsterdam Theater was boisterous. The presenter also said several times: Amazing!

As previously reported, Nina has the opportunity to attend the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, England, next November. COP26 is an annual high-level forum for 197 countries to discuss climate change and how to tackle it.

So, before to attending the COP26 forum in the UK, Nina also received an invitation to attend the Plastic Health Summit 2021 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The plan, she will also go to Germany. ”Before appearing nervous too. But, I read salawat and pray continuously to reduce my nervousness,” said Nina when contacted by Jawa Pos by telephone, on Thursday night (21/10).

Nina, of course, became the youngest speaker at the world forum. Other speakers are academics and environmental activists who are already senior. Some of them are Prof. Dr. Terry Collins (director of the Institute for Green Science), Dr. Erperanza Huerta (Wageningen University & Research), and Prof. Dr. Patricia Hunt (Washington State University).

So far, Nina is known as a student environmental activist. In January 2021, the 14-year-old girl was invited by the German Ambassador to Indonesia, Peter Schoof. During the meeting, Nina also handed over a letter she wrote to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The contents, protesting plastic waste from Germany.

The problem of plastic waste surfaced and became a national issue in 2019. At that time, the New York Times revealed the use of imported plastic waste as fuel for a tofu factory in Sidoarjo. In fact, the smoke from burning plastic is harmful to health.

Based on the Ecoton report, several countries that export plastic waste to Indonesia are the United States (353,000 tons), Mexico (118,000 tons), Australia (102,000 tons), Germany (56,000 tons), South Korea (18,000 tons). tons), and the Netherlands (33,300 tons).

Nina said she was proud to be invited to attend and participate in the campaign about the dangers of plastic at the international event. This is the first time experience. ”The air temperature is very cold here (Amsterdam, red) up to 6 degrees Celsius. I’m wearing my clothes in triplicate, so I’m not cold. No rice, eat bread,” she said.

Kiki Dethmers, organizer of the 2021 Plastic Health Summit, stated that a forum discussing the dangers of plastic has been held for the past two years. In the event, his party invited academics and environmental activists from various parts of the world. One of them is Nina, a young environmental activist from Indonesia.

“We hope that from this forum there will be mutual attention, from the government, the private sector and the community, to find a common solution in dealing with this plastic problem in the future,” she said when contacted by Jawa Pos by telephone, Thursday night (21/10).

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