A number of residents from the Gerakan Peduli Lingkungan (GPL), Nguter sub-district, Sukoharjo complained to the Balai Besar Wilayah Sungai (BBWS) Bengawan Solo regarding the alleged pollution by PT. Rayon Utama Makmur (PT.RUM). They came to BBWS Bengawan Solo for audience and at the same time held a Theatrical Action on Wednesday (28/4/2021). The audience and theatrical action were carried out because the community was upset about the pollution of the Bengawan Solo River.

Hirman as the coordinator of the action said that the Bengawan Solo pollution occurred due to the presence of PT RUM’s liquid waste which was channeled directly to Bengawan Solo. The theatrical action was carried out by 10 action periods by bringing photos of rivers and rocks affected by PT RUM’s liquid waste, besides that the action period also brought water and land affected by PT RUM’s liquid waste.

GPL during audience with BBWS Bengawan Solo

Hirman said the audience and theatrical action were carried out as a form of community annoyance over PT RUM’s liquid waste polluting the small river around the community’s residence which also empties into the Bengawan Solo River, and wanted to ask BBWS as an institution that has the responsibility to maintain the river and does not close its eyes. and be silent on the pollution carried out by PT RUM.

“The Bengawan Solo River is one of the longest rivers in Indonesia covering two provinces in Java with a length of 640 km. In addition, Bengawan Solo is also a National Strategic River which has a vital role for the wider community, especially for those who live around the river. Bengawan Solo has an economic impact on the community to fulfill their daily needs, such as it is used for fishing and farming, even the water of the Bengawan Solo River is also used by PDAM Surakarta to meet the needs of clean water for the people of Solo”, Hirman said during his speech.

Based on the research they carried out together with ECOTON, LBH Semarang and Walhi Central Java, the research activities found that there was a lot of seepage from liquid waste channels buried in the ground (pipes) and this is a form of violation committed by PT RUM and until now the condition of the channel many inlet pipes were found to be leaking.

The leakage and disposal of PT RUM’s liquid waste directly flows into the Bengawan Solo River, resulting in river water pollution, as a result of this liquid waste pollution it is feared that it will threaten the health of people who rely on water from the Bengawan Solo River for bathing and drinking, because water from the Bengawan Solo River is based on research Many contain microplastics and hazardous chemicals, in addition to threatening health, PT RUM’s waste also threatens the economic cycle of the community, which makes the Bengawan Solo river a source of livelihood.

BBWS taka an action checking the Bengawan Solo River as respon GPL report

Responding to that, the head of BBWS management at Bengawan Solo, Bambang, ST, argued that in this case, BBWS was not an institution for taking action if there was contamination of Bengawan Solo, but had taken preventive measures by gathering companies along the Bengawan Solo river.

“The governor also said that in 2021 there should be no pollution in the Bengawan Solo river. If later we want to go down together, we can go to the field together, ”he said

Therefore Hirman, the Gerakan Peduli Lingkungan (GPL) of Sukoharjo Regency demanded BBWS Bengawan Solo as an institution that has responsibility for the management of water resources in the Bengawan Solo river area which includes maintenance in the context of conservation and utilization of water resources as well as controlling the destructive power of water. on the river in order to carry out actions.

“Immediately Stop Pollution in the Bengawan Solo River, which is a national strategic river; Giving sanctions to PT RUM for liquid waste that continues to pollute the Bengawan Solo River; Immediately stop the disposal of PT RUM’s liquid waste to Bengawan Solo. Immediately control the destructive power of Bengawan Solo river water which is contaminated by PT RUM’s liquid waste, “he said.

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