Ten Cities along the Brantas and Bengawan Solo Rivers are the Target of the #StopEatingPlastic Campaign


Gresik, (bisnissurabaya.com) – “To reduce the impact of single-use plastics on environmental damage and the threat of seafood, youth action is needed,” said Aehsnina Azzahra Aqilani, one of the campaigners for #StopEatingPlastic in Gresik, Friday (9/4). The Co-Captain of River Warrior Indonesia was involved in the action to urge people to fast for single-use plastic (plastic bags, straws, sachets, water bottled plastic and Styrofoam).

Indonesia, according to him, is in an emergency of single-use plastic waste as the second largest contributor of plastic pollutants to the oceans after China. Currently, Indonesia is experiencing a flood of plastic waste, every 3 minutes plastic waste the size of a dumptruck is dumped in the sea. 52 percent of garbage in the Java sea is plastic waste, 42 percent of the floating waste in Bengawan Solo and Brantas is plastic waste.

In the waste management, the Government is only able to serve 44 percent of the population so that most of the waste ends up in water and open land. This plastic waste then undergoes fragmentation into small pieces called microplastics.

Besides contaminating water and sediment, North Coast seafood (shrimp, fish, shellfish, sea cucumber and crab) has been contaminated with microplastics. “We will also encourage Malang Regency Government, Gresik, Sidoarjo, Jombang, Mojokerto and Surabaya City Government to immediately make regulations on banning single-use plastics,” added Thara Bening Sandrina. Captain River Warrior Indonesia explained that the #StopEatingPlastic movement also encouraged the district government to provide MRF 3R facilities in each village, increase waste processing services above 40 percent and urge producers to participate in sachet-type residual waste management.

“In Indonesia, there are 42 local governments that have regulation to ban single-use plastics, such as in the provinces of Bali, DKI Jakarta, Balikpapan and Banjarmasin,” said Azis, the legal manager of the #StopEatingPlastic Movement. Azis regretted that not one city or district in East Java / East Java had a Regulation to ban Single-Use Plastics. In fact, he said, there are the Brantas and Bengawan Solo rivers which are part of the 10 rivers that contribute plastic pollution to the ocean.

“In this action we will spread #StopEatingPlastic banners and cartoons about the process of forming microplastics and pictures showing that the microplastics in the waters will enter the body of the fish and then enter the human body,” said Adelia Nur Fitria.

Coordinator of the Community Refuse Single-Use Plastics from Vocational High School 1 Driyorejo, explained that in addition to poster pictures there are also posters asking the Regent of Gresik to provide MRF 3R facilities in every village in Gresik Regency. Considering that currently there are many plastic waste that is dumped carelessly in rivers and open land.

“The porpose of the action in front of the Gresik Regent’s office is to invite the public to refuse single-use plastics that are difficult to recycle,” said Sandra, a student at Trunojoyo Madura University who lives in Gresik. Sandra, revealed that this action focused on educating the public and encouraging the Gresik Regency Government to prioritize handling plastic waste.

The #StopEatingPlastic movement will be held in 10 cities along the Brantas and Bengawan Solo rivers. Among them, at the Gresik Regent’s Office (8/4), at the Sidoarjo Regent’s office (9/4), Mojokerto City Square (10/4), Malang Square (11/4). Continue to Lamongan, Tuban, Jombang, Kediri, Nganjuk, Blitar. (bw)


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