Environmental Activists in Malang City Held Plastic Waste Fasting Action


A few  of environmental activists in Malang City who are members of the Environmental Green Society Malang held an action against the use of single-use plastics in front of Malang City Hall. The action was titled “Fasting Plastic Waste” which invites people to adopt environmentally friendly living.

In a research conducted by Environmental Green Society Malang, there were still mountains of plastic waste along the Brantas River Basin such as in Pagak District, Malang Regency, Sutami Reservoir, Mergosono Village, Kota Lama Village, Jodipan Village, and Kedungkandang Village, Malang city.

“There are waste generation of plastic waste at the location due to the unavailability of waste transportation facilities and garbage disposal facilities,” said Alfin, Coordinator of the Plastic Fasting Action on Thursday, April 15, 2021.

Followed by Environmental Green Society Researcher, Alaikha Rahmatullah, said that the waste generation  of plastic waste along the Brantas watershed is considered dangerous for humans and organisms that live in the river.

“It is a dangerous particle, because it contains toxic compounds, then in the organism will be dangerous for human consumption. Like fish and shrimp, they have been contaminated with microplastics and finally be consumed by the public,” he said.

Alaikha said microplastics are small plastics with a size less than 5 mm which comes from the degradation of plastic waste that is thrown away carelessly and if people are affected by microplastics it can cause cancer.

“The danger is microplastics can threaten and cause cancer,” he said.

Alaikha says need to reduce single-use plastic packaging, it is necessary to have regulations from the Malang City Government, like local regulation /Regional Regulations (Perda).

“For example, in Bogor and Bali, they are already banned on single-use plastics. Why Malang city don’t do that? which is the city of education” he said.

In addition, said Alaikha, awareness from producers needed to redesign their product packaging to make it more environmentally friendly.

“The producers should be responsible for their waste. And we hope they (producers) should be able to redesign the packaging they produce to make it more environmentally friendly,” he said.

Meanwhile, currently the Malang City Government has made regulations related to the use of plastic waste. But the regulation is still in the a Circular Letter.

Regarding the use of the ban on the use of plastic waste, it is stated form letter No. 8.2021 concerning the reduction of plastic waste. In the a Circular Letter, a Malang City Government prohibits business establishments such as cafes and restaurants from providing plastic packages for food containers ordered to take away.

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