ECOTON Holds Plastic Exhibition 3F (Fish Fersus Flastic) From 3544 Used Plastic Bottles


Major rivers in East Java, including Surabaya, are experiencing a plastic waste emergency. The rivers are polluted with plastic waste. Ecoton invites people to stop using single-use plastic through the Plastic Museum. the 10 meter long hallway was filled with thousands of used plastic bottles. a total of 3,544 bottles. the former containers of various brands of drinks were hung and tied with nets around them. At first it was trash. but once arranged, it looks interesting. thousands of bottles that managed to form a pretty aesthetic appearance. The thousands of bottles in the hallway are plastic museum installations initiated by the NGO Ecological Observation and Wetlands Conservation or Ecoton.

“We want to educate the public about the dangers of plastic waste”, said the director of ecoton Prigi Arisandi to Jawa Pos (2/9). The plastic museum was set up on an vacant lot belonging to Ecoton in Wringinanom Gresik. The location is on the edge of the Surabaya river. Prigi said that the museum built by Ecoton was intended to illustrate that rivers have been surrounded by plastic waste, the surface of the river. “Everything is full of plastic waste,” he said. Ironically, many fish around the river consume plastic waste in the form of microplastics. Microplastics are very small crumbs or pieces of plastic. That condition, clearly Prigi, certainly affects health humans because they eat fish that eat mikroplastikIn addition to a miniature river, Ecoton also makes a plastic museum in the form of a pond.

The plastic tunnel made from 3455 bottles

In the same area there is also a dead tree wrapped in various plastic waste.The tree was found by volunteers during the plastic tree expedition in Surabaya River on August 17, then the coordinator.

Azis as a member of expedition said that the activity along the Surabaya River was carried out until 27 Agustus. At that moment, Ecoton did a tree clean-up from all the trashplastic. Azis said that in the action, his party found 208 tree trunks wrapped in plastic in addition, 63 points were Found garbage disposal on the river bank. it was found from jagir to Wonorejo. The forms of plastic waste found started from crackle bags, sachets, straws, bottled drinking water, to diapers. “This is plastic waste that pollutes the Brantas River and the Surabaya River,” said Azis. Plastic waste is included in the category of residual waste. because it can’t be recycled. That’s why, Ecoton invites society to avoid its use. Azis stated that plastic waste that was washed away during the rainy season filled Surabaya’s rivers. Ironically, during the dry season the plastic waste gets caught and tangled in tree trunks on the banks of the river.

Plastic Exhibition 3F (Fish Fersus Flastic) for entertainment and education

The plastic waste threatens the water quality of PDAM raw materials. This is because the wrapped plastic will be fragmented into microplastics and dissolve in water.

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