Concerned about the condition of the Brantas Malang River, Environmental Activists Voiced Plastic Fasting


A tens environmental activists in Malang City “Environmental Green Society” held a demonstration at Malang City Hall, Thursday (15/4/2021). The action was carried out in order to invite the public to reduce the use of plastic waste and to ask the Malang City Government to make a regional regulation to ban single-use plastics.

Carrying various posters with the words stop eating plastic and fasting for plastic, they conveyed their aspirations in front of Malang City Hall. Environmental Green Society researcher, Alaikha Rahmatullah said, after conducted research along the Brantas River Basin, they found that Brantas river water had been contaminated with microplastics. Microplastics were obtained from the amount of plastic waste in the Brantas River, starting from Bumiaji. , Muharto arrived at Sengguruh Dam, Malang Regency.

“These are dangerous particles because they contain toxic compounds. When the toxic compounds are consumed by organisms such as fish and shrimp which then consumed by humans, they endanger humans themselves,” he said. Alaikha added, the dangers of consuming microplastics could threaten humans because they can cause of cancer.

Therefore, they push Malang City government to immediately make regional regulation to ban single-use plastics. The regional regulation will make people more disciplined to using plastic, even reduce it.

“Because with this regional regulation, the community will be more disciplined. “For example, in Bogor and Bali, they are already banned on single-use plastics. Why Malang city don’t do that? which is the city of education” he said.

The Environmental Green Society also noted that until now there has been no government facility specifically for transporting up to the river. Specially for producers who are not responsible for the plastic waste they have produced.

“We expect producers to redesign the packaging they produce that is more environmentally friendly. This will be accompanied by the issuance of a regional regulation. That way Malang City will be more disciplined and cleaner,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Malang Sutiaji previously issued a Circular Letter of the Mayor of Malang Number 8. 2021 concerning the reduction of plastic waste.

In the Circular Letter, for all business actors, managers of hotels, restaurants, cafes and similar businesses. Office leaders of government agencies, TNI-Polri, BUMN, BUMD, banking and other offices, including communities in the city of Malang are obliged to carry out efforts to reduce plastic waste. Sutiaji said, the SE was made with the aim that the community could control and reduce the use of plastics in Malang City.

“We keep continue to control this plastic waste, while we are working on a regional regulation. So that with this regional regulation, it is hoped that there will be punishment and can reinforce the regulations regarding the use of single-use plastics and reducing plastic waste,” he said.

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