ECOTON Collaborates with Indonesian Electricity Company in River Detective School Event 2020

To develop awareness and love for young people from an early age for rivers, ECOTON in collaboration with PLN (National Electrcity Company) created an educational activity: River Detective School in October 2020. This activity aims to involve the younger generation directly in protecting the environment and fostering a sense of responsibility the sustainability of the river.

(Doc: Ecoton) Sekolah Detektif Sungai Activity

Public Relations ECOTON Tonis explained, “this activity will be held one day, with participants from SMP and SMA / SMK students from the Mojokerto, Gresik, Surabaya and Sidoarjo …”. To make the event run smoothly and still adjust to the current situation, ECOTON parties will provide health protocol needs such as: Face Shield, Hand Sanitizer, Hand Skin, as well as Cloth Masks.

The material provided by Ecoton will be very interesting, namely, studying insects in rivers, various plants, river plankton and fish. In addition, learning about Biotilics and Microplastics will also be a theme that will be raised at the River Detective School event later.

With this activity, later the younger generations who take part in activities will find out how the current situation of Kali Surabaya is. (Ano / ECOTON)

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