Adoption of Berantas River by the Governor of East Java, Khofifah


Adoption of Berantas River by the Governor of East Java, Khofifah

Sunday, February 17 2019 Day two of Work, Governor of East Java, Dra. Hj Khofifahhari surrounds the banks of the Brantas River. Khofifah was accompanied by the East Java Provincial Secretary, Heru Tjahyono, the head of the East Java Provincial Environmental Service, Diah Susilowati, and ECOTON Executive Director Prigi Arisandi.

On this occasion, Khofifah invited all elements of society to be able to restore the function of the Brantas river through the Brantas River Adoption program.

Khofifah said, based on reports from  river voluntter observers, the type of waste that pollutes the river is household waste, specifically disposable baby diapers or diapers.

Khofifah said this baby diaper thrown in the river seems to be very much! For this reason, Khofifah invited all people to help maintain the cleanliness of the river. First, people who can afford it are expected to buy a special dropbox to dispose of baby diaper waste. Khofifah added, he would prepare a dropbox or container to facilitate the community. Secondly, Khofifah appealed to the City District around the Brantas river, also helped facilitate the dropbox, for the sake of cleanliness and environmental health, because healthy people need a healthy environment.

Khofifah said, baby diaper waste from the dropbox will be taken to the Final Disposal Site (TPA) in each City District.

Meanwhile, ECOTON’s Executive Director Prigi Arisandi said that there were 45 communities that supported the Adoption of the Brantas River program, which gave special attention to the cleanliness of the river, incorporated in Jogo Kali Volunteers. He was pleased, efforts so far in keeping the river from garbage diapers were heard. According to him, as the starting point for the next five years, Brantas will become a priority in handling environmental programs.

In the Brantas River Adoption program, Prigi said there were two important points, including cleaning 99 bridges from diaper waste, and providing 99 diaper-specific bins. The second, encouraging the MoU of the industrial industry along Brantas to implement a sustainable system. In our opinion, the Brantas project implementation is industry compliance.

In addition to inviting and introducing the Brantas river adoption program, East Java Governor Dra.Hj Khofifah also released several fish seeds and planted several trees along the Brantas river.

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