Enough! Fighting Global Plastic Pollution

Aeshnina Azzahra Aqilani, commonly known as Nina, is the Co-Captain of River Warrior Indonesia (Riverin). She received an invitation from the United Nations Environment Programme to attend the fourth meeting of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee (INC-4) to draft a legally binding international plastic treaty concerning plastic pollution, including in the marine environment. The event, attended by 170 countries, is scheduled to take place in Ottawa, Canada, from April 23 to 29, 2024.

Nina’s participation in the meeting received a positive response from the Regent of Gresik. The Regent expressed support for Nina’s efforts to urge developed countries not to dump plastic waste in Indonesia, particularly in Gresik. At INC 4, Nina was not just an ordinary participant. She actively engaged in various discussions, workshops, and rallies. She shared her experiences and insights on the plastic waste problem in Indonesia and offered innovative and creative. Solutions : Nina’s contributions at INC 4 were highly valuable and received recognition from both participants and event organizers.

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