Arround 45 people gathered at the cadre’s house in Sumengko village, Wringinanom, Gresik (7/2). Apparently they will inaugurate a store with a refill concept. This shop, called Welink Refill Store, was initiated by Women community Wadulink (Women Care to Environment).

Nur Hamidah, S.Pd, as a Wadulink coordinator, said that the plan to open this shop had been planned for a long time but realized this year.

“Thank God, finally we were able to open this refill shop with a lot of support, we are very happy to have a business unit while being able to support the environmental.” her explained.

She said the aim of opening this shop to reduce single-use packaging like sachets.

“We opening this shop to invite people to be able to contribute reducing plastic sachets, start shopping wisely, buy household soap materials by bringing their own bottles, then refilling them and using them repeatedly.” her explained.

In the same moment, Nurul Fadlilah from Gresik Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), said that she is really support this refill shop.

“Gresik EPA really appreciate Wadulink’s efforts to open this shop because it is very in line with our program, namely the Gresik Zero Waste City (GKMS), in reducing waste generation as well as implementing Gresik regulation N0. 3. 2019 about Single-Use Plastisc Restrictions.” her explained.

Zero Waste ECOTON activist Tonis Afrianto said by the opening this refill shop was a step forward that could be replicated.

“Currently the world is preparing a refill reuse system, starting from companies, communities, the government is starting to go there and need collaboration between companies and communities is needed to get infrastructure and easy access to obtain large gallon or jerry can packaging products then distribute to customers. This is in line with Indonesian policy by Minister of Environment and Forestry Regulation No. 75. 2019 about road map for reducing waste by producers.” he explained

Tonis added that refill stores can reduce the impact of sachet waste pollution in rivers.

“With this Welink Refill Store, a total of 4 stores in East Java have joined our program #AksiBrantas to reduce and prevent the leakage of plastic waste into rivers,” he added.

Previously, ECOTON released a serious threat from plastic sachet packaging waste which is starting to dominate, creating microplastic pollution which contains dangerous compounds such as elastic plasticizers which have been confirmed by researchers as hormone disrupting compounds. As a result, it can trigger tumor growth, inhibit the immune system and can disrupt the reproductive system.

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